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Millersburg, Oregon
Our client is seeking a Metallurgist to join their R &D manufacturing team.  We are looking for a self-motivated person that could apply materials science and engineering principles to find novel solutions to alloy, product, and processes challenges in demanding, high-value applications. The focus is on advanced specialty materials technology to serve global end user markets with highly diversified and specialized product offerings.

Primary Responsibilities:
•   Conduct scientific research to inform and direct new product development, and support innovation in high performance materials
- Communicate and disseminate information to executive leadership, shop floor, and fellow engineers
- Conduct research associated with developing processing paths, microstructure, and properties for new alloys
- Collaborative research with universities, consortia, and industrial customers
- Serve new markets or applications with metals, ceramics, or chemicals
•   Activities may include developing new alloys, processes, product forms, or a combination:
- Processes such as melting, forging, extrusion, hot and cold rolling, wire drawing, pilgering, machined components, and powder production
- Direct and interpret material testing and metallography; specification creation and review
- Principal alloy systems are Titanium, Niobium, and Zirconium
- Communicate and inform company leadership of opportunities and threats associated with emerging materials, novel or innovative technologies, and new global competitors
- Identify promising technologies in adjacent end-use applications, product forms, or material systems
- Develop business cases and technical roadmaps for investment and deployment of these technologies
- Build and present research plans and results from evaluation of new technologies and materials to stakeholders and at technical conferences
•   Strong command of physical-metallurgy phenomena and material science with emphasis on microstructure-processing-property relationships
- Experience in titanium or other reactive metal alloy systems is strongly preferred
- Experience with microstructure evolution through thermomechanical processing is strongly preferred
•  Strong candidates will be adept at applying fundamentals of material science of structural alloys to solve technical issues outside their area of primary understanding
- A thesis-based MS in Materials Science or a related field, along with 5+ years of experience dealing with physical metallurgy-based projects is the minimum requirement for this position. A PhD in a Materials Science Engineering or Metallurgy and a thesis topic in physical metallurgy meets the 5 year requirement. 
- A PhD in metallurgy or materials science engineering is strongly preferred
- Strong candidates will have a demonstrated track record of innovation outside of their background areas. through applying fundamentals to address problems outside their background
•  Excellent verbal communication skills, including oral presentation skills
-Strong candidates will have public speaking experience such as at conferences, as well as proven written communication skills such as published scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals
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