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FPGA Design/Dsp - Electrical Engineer

Palm Bay, Florida
Job Description:
  • FPGA design process including requirements generation, preliminary design, peer reviews, detailed design, test plan generation, and integration and test.
  • Understand system requirements; capable to work with the System Engineer and to flow down the system requirements to the DSP FW/SW levels
  • Solid understanding of signal processing concepts; ability to architect signal processing firmware and software; work closely with the engineering teams through design and implementation, integration, testing, and qualification of the deliverable system
  • Experience with fixed-point digital math functions and implementations, floating point data structures, control theory (feedback systems and tracking), and communication theory
  • Experience with Digital Signal Processing operations and optimization (FIR filters, Up/Down sampling, convolution, correlations…)
  • Proficiency in Matlab; able to implement algorithms in FPGAs from matlab code
  • Utilize basic digital logic design concepts (understanding how VHDL code translates into logic primitives within an FPGA); understanding of all of the architectural elements within Xilinx or Altera FPGA
  • Static timing analysis and the process by which timing closure is achieved in a design
  • Utilize thorough understanding of the Vivado or Quartus tool suite used to generate FPGA designs
  • Experience with Cadence Incisive Enterprise Simulator; familiar with Subversion, Python, or Perl
  • Work closely with the engineering teams through design, implementation, integration, testing, and qualification of the deliverable system
  • Ability to work in a team environment and negotiate solutions with Hardware / Software Engineering and Systems Engineering
  • A B.S degree in electrical engineering with
  • 10+ years or related experience (or 8+ years experience including a Master's degree)
Preferred/Additional Skills:
  • DoD Secret security clearance
  • Experience with high-speed, heavily pipelined data path designs
  • Familiarity with high-speed memory architectures such as DDR3/DDR4
  • In-depth knowledge of the C66xx/C67x architectures
  • In-depth knowledge of the C66xx/C67x architectures - detailed understanding of PCIe gen 3, SPI, SRIO, and McBSP…
  • Familiar with Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Knowledge of memory caching architectures; experience with the configuration and utilization of the on-chip memory, DRAM, EMAC, EDMA…
Security Clearance:
  • This position requires the candidate to possess or have the ability to obtain a DoD Secret security clearance. In order to obtain a clearance you need to be a US Citizen and show proof of citizenship.
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