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Stockpiling Supervisor Metals Recycling

Boston, Massachusetts
The Stockpiling Supervisor (SS) reports to the Terminal Operations Manager. The SS assists in the monitoring, coordination, and execution of activities pertinent to the optimum efficiency, and economy of processing operations, product shipping and profit maximization associated with general and industrial ferrous operations within assigned yard(s).  The SSI will achieve this through effective communication with supervisory staff, commercial operations, peers, subordinate personnel; appropriate inventory management; efficient work prioritization and scheduling; adherence to quality standards/guidelines; continuous training and development; observance of safety and environmental policies and procedures; timely processing of administrative paperwork; and general department maintenance. The incumbent will manage the ferrous Work in Process (WIP) inventory and the Finished Goods (FG) inventory. The Stockpiling Supervisor will also coordinate the shipping of finished goods to include pre-staging as required, packing list preparation, coordination with the logistics group and transportation company, and the ultimate loading of the material for shipment. A major facet of the Stockpiling Supervisor’s role is to ensure conformity as to industry and customer packaging and product specifications. Attention to detail is paramount to success so the SS who must be proactive and enforce process and quality standards to ensure that the ferrous material provided to MRB consumers always meets, or exceeds, specifications.
This position operates within somewhat flexible parameters. The primary goal of this position is to achieve excellence in all facets of operations. Providing the highest quality product safely, effectively and efficiently decreases accidents and errors and increases profits.
  • Environmental Health & Safety:
    • Ensures safe work practices and equipment are used at all times and that documentation, inspections, and current practices are in accordance with corporate safety policies, OSHA and other regulatory guidelines. In addition, provides a safe environment for all customers at the shredder.
    • Creates Health & Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) with Regional Safety Engineer.
    • Ensures all department employees receive timely safety and operational training and that the appropriate documents (signed acknowledgement forms) are prepared. Maintain employee files per regional practice.
    • Assigns an employee to be on the Safety Committee and personally attend Safety Committee meetings on rotation with other managers.
    • Monitors safety program to reduce accident frequency within department, implements new safety ideas/procedures and establish safety goals
  • Operational Performance & Best Management Practices:
    • Directs, evaluates, schedules and coordinates equipment and personnel to support
    • daily ferrous operations, including positioning for processing, material processing and loading of ferrous scrap.
    • Creates and maintains a layout plan for all physical spaces assigned to ferrous processing and shipping. Identifies WIP and FG storage bins and equipment process locations to ensure a proper work flow is achieved.
    • Submits and/or implements approved process improvement suggestions to improve overall refining quality, profitability and or safety within ferrous department.  Collaboratively communicates and partners with MRB Ferrous Operations Committee to ensure best practices are presented, reviewed, and implemented accordingly.
    • Submits weekly material backlog reports to the Plant Manager or General Manager.
  • Inventory & Quality Control
    • Evaluates incoming ferrous material ensuring that inventory quantity and product quality guidelines are adhered to while being cognizant of inventory requirements required to meet existing and pending contractual quantity/quality obligations. 
    • Prepares Time & Weight Analysis reporting for customer material and to documents equipment processing time for various commodities. Validates that material purchased over the scale and associated scale tickets are accurate with the actual material purchased.
    • Trains production personnel in the use of testing equipment.
    • Maintains positive inventory control, especially over Work In Process (WIP) material, monitors storage containers so that containers are adequately marked with “tare” weights and that large permanent bins, when used, are clearly marked as to the date when the bin was last emptied of that product.
    • Coordinates material pricing, providing price quotes on ferrous products to individuals, industrial accounts, and dealers; grading, processing, sales, and shipment pertinent to ferrous operations.
    • Provides assistance to dispatcher with scheduling of truck fleet, monitoring movement of each truck, coordination of pick-ups at industrial accounts, preparing manifests for outgoing material; intercompany transfers, and completion of associated administrative paperwork.
    • Partners with commercial operations team to develop strategic buying program that will support production and yard capacity, taking into consideration loading and transportation processes, schedules, and availability.
    • Observes perpetual inventory of unfinished and finished goods and partners with commercial operations to develop sales in an effort to reduce the expense associated with carrying high inventory volumes.
  • Equipment and Maintenance
    • Inspects allocated department equipment, ensuring all assets are working within stated guidelines and submitting work orders to maintenance staff as needed or required.
    • Submits purchase orders as needed or required in order to maintain or enhance department operations.
    • Ensures work areas are kept tidy, organized, and free of potential safety and/or environmental hazards.
    • Performs special projects or completes additional assignments as requested.
  • Administrative Management
    • Monitors and maintains exempt and hourly staff at cost effective and competitive levels.
    • Monitors supervisory practices for self and his/her direct reports to ensure compliance with HR policies and union contracts.
    • Reviews performance of direct reports.
    • Interviews prospective management and/or production employees.
    • Works with Human Resources personnel to prepare job descriptions.
    • Responsible for the general administrative, supervisory, recruiting and development needs for personnel reporting to this position.
Internal Control Responsibilities:
Supports the Company’s Internal Control process which includes understanding, communicating and complying with defined internal controls as well as suggesting and making modifications to the policies, procedures and controls to better relate to the business. Communicates upward problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions.
Supervisory Responsibility:
The Stockpiling Supervisor has direct responsibility to oversee and manage the personnel within the Ferrous Department.

Interpersonal Contacts:
Internal contacts with facility’s managers and Managers.
External contacts include suppliers, contractors, customers and equipment manufacturers.
Internal contact with the General Manager, Terminal Operations Manager or Plant Operations Manager depending of the size and type of Facility assigned. Accordingly the Stockpiling Supervisor speaks directly to and or responds to other management personnel i.e. Regional Director, Regional General Manager, Director of Commercial Operations, Commercial Operations Managers and Safety and Environmental Managers.
Job Conditions:
Exposure to physical operations at metal recycling yards; it is necessary to walk/climb in active Industrial yards with uneven surfaces and to out-of-the-way areas. Occasional exposure to inclement weather conditions and some minimum travel is required. Work pressure can be substantial during peak times, requiring considerable adaptability; disturbances of work flow, and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Offsite work involves meeting in person with select customers, and visiting other company locations.
Physical Activities Required to perform Essential Functions:
Ability to: lift and carry up to 50 pounds occasionally;   Ability to communicate by speech and hearing continuously. Communication is primarily by phone, email and sometimes in person, with other departments within the company. Visual acuity needed for close detail work, preparing and analyzing data figures and computer use.
  • A High School Diploma or equivalent preferred or a combination of education and experience; ability to do basic math.
  • This position requires possession of a valid driver's license and the ability to drive an automobile.
  • Thorough knowledge of ferrous materials grading; good communication skills with all levels of management; ability to negotiate; past supervisory experience a plus.
  • Minimum 3 years metal recycling industry experience.
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