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Health & Safety Professional

Boston, MA
General Position Summary & Responsibilities:
As the H&S Specialist, you will report to the Senior Health & Safety Manager. The H&S Specialist position requires a motivated self -starter with a team approach to problem-solving. Responsibilities include implementing safety and programs for all assigned locations and for minimizing company liabilities. Liabilities are reduced by establishing and enforcing effective safety policy and loss control programs; including developing a culture of proactive engagement to prevent hazardous conditions through compliance training and implementation of effective procedures. The H&S Specialist must foster management commitment to drive appropriate behaviors that prevent injuries or illnesses in the workplace. The position is further responsible for implementation of company policies, procedures, and plans related to all health and safety. The H&S Specialist is responsible for conducting on-site field work associated with sampling, monitoring, observing, recording, and preparing reports, records, plans, and results required by regulatory permit, plan, or agreement.
This position operates within somewhat defined parameters.  The primary goal of this position is to achieve excellence in all facets of health and safety management. Providing the highest quality product safely, effectively and efficiently decreases accidents and errors and increases profits.
Essential Functions:
  • Health & Safety (H&S)
    • Leads and coordinates overall safety programs. Includes developing and maintaining written safety programs; and implementing processes and training needed to meet all legal/government requirements in alignment with company needs.
    • Administers effective safety and awareness programs
    • Interprets and remains current on a variety of standards, laws, and regulations applicable to the locations with frequent contact with all levels of the organization.
    • Acts as a technical resource responsible for maintaining specific safety programs such as contractor safety, fall prevention, illness and injury prevention programs, accident investigations, hazard communication, emergency action plan and ergonomics programs. Creates and maintains metrics to monitor performance in these areas.
    • Provides a safe environment for all employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Operational Performance & Best Management Practices
    • Prepares various safety reports
    • Ensures accident investigation and incident analysis and completed in order to complete necessary corrective actions.
    • Substantial time spent in the field to assist operations in driving continuous improvements and compliance by making recommendations for improvements and providing risk assessments to managers and leaders of business operations.
    • Responsible for developing and implementing procedures and behavioral applications that drive incident reduction.
    • Provides health and safety coaching/assistance to develop managers and safety teams.
  • Inventory & Quality Control
    • Prepares and submits permits, reports, and records to regulatory agencies on time. Maintains on-site records of all regulatory requirements and due dates.
    • Produces and maintains company safety compliance calendar, with timely submittals.
    • Responsible for accident investigation and incident analysis and ensuring corrective actions are completed.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Manages safety related vendor, e.g. safety equipment providers, consultants, contracts, and budget.
    • Prepares proposals and cost estimates for future work.
  • Administrative Management
    • Performs statistical safety information analysis
    • Works with Human Resources personnel to prepare job descriptions.
 Specific Other Responsibilities (regional, local, compliance, etc.): 
The H&S Specialist must be capable of concurrently handling multiple projects at multiple locations. Includes oversight and management of work performed by various consultants and contractors, as well as coordination with both in-house and outside legal counsel.
Internal Control Responsibilities:
Supports the Company’s Internal Control process which includes understanding, communicating, and complying with defined internal controls as well as suggesting and making modifications to the policies, procedures, and controls to better relate to the business. 
Communicates upward problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions.
Supervisory Responsibility:
The H&S Specialist must be capable of concurrently handling multiple projects at multiple locations. Includes oversight and management of work performed by various consultants and contractors, as well as coordination with both in-house and outside legal counsel.
Job Conditions:
Occasional air and frequent car travel required to visit multiple locations (as regionally required). Exposure to physical operations ranging from office environments to metal recycling yards. Pressure is experienced in decision making concerning applications of code requirements versus production requirements. Periodic overtime is required. Position may have to respond to urgent situations on off hours and/or weekends and holidays.
Physical Activities Required to Perform Essential Functions:
 Ability to lift and carry up to 20 pounds frequently and over 50 pounds occasionally; walk or otherwise negotiate around physical barriers as would be found in a warehouse or metal recycling scrap yard; sit for up to 6 hours per day; keyboard for 1-3 hours per day; and be mobile for extended periods of time, up to several hours per day.  Visual acuity required to perform close detail work to input and retrieve data from a computer; read and interpret figures on reports; conduct physical facilities inspections, and drive. Must be able to scale varying heights as necessary.
Bachelor’s Degree required. BS in Health and Safety, Chemical, or Civil Engineering preferred. Two to three years of related experience required and Industrial Hygiene experience, and three to five years of experience in Compliance/Management. Knowledge, skills, and ability to execute local, territory, and federal Health and Safety and other government compliance regulations

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